Tips for fishing near the shore successfully with Tacklebox

Why do we have to put our baits and the corresponding positions as far as possible from us? Read these lines and you will begin to face your fishing sessions from another point of view tacklebox.

Have we used fish to eat far from their preferred areas? Should we always go fishing on the opposite shore? These questions are sure to have been asked many times. But what we may not know is that the fish are much closer than we think. Read these lines and you will begin to face your fishing sessions from another point of view.

Prepare the medium

It is easier to look for obstacles such as trees, submerged branches, cattails and reeds on our shore than in the opposite one. Put on a polarized glasses and you will see better what you have around you, since it is likely that you will find hot areas where to make your bait and then be able to put your postures.

Be mimetic with the environment, since being close to our bait we must hide our shadow, not stomp on the ground and make the least possible noise. Try to hide behind trees or even separate yourself from the reeds a safe distance.

If you fish with alarms, try to lower the volume or put your receiver only in vibration mode if it has one. Otherwise, download it as much as you can and let it listen to you.


When fishing on our shore it is easier to control our priming and we can even put bait that over long distances and without the help of the spod rod, baitboat or boat would be unthinkable. The baits that we can introduce comfortably would be the pellets and boilies.

Other baits that we can introduce by hand or with a small bait shovel and that will attract fishing faster would be micropellets, hemp seed, corn, chufa, chicken feed … Another good combination and that always gives good results is to mix them all together with the muddle and make balls with them.

Beware of the reeds!

When you fish near the shore and close to hooks or obstacles, the brake of our reels should be more closed than normal. Watch out! If we are not attentive and if we are not fast, the cane can go to the water. For this I recommend the use of stabilizer bars and even strong rear supports that firmly hold the pole of our rod.

Use stronger threads to stop that brutal onslaught of a shore dive, also plays a lot with the action of the rod and the reel brakes. Handle the rod with the toe almost stuck in the water to prevent the fish from getting into the perch.

Do not forget to have low rods, I practically put the tips in the water so as not to give signs of my presence to the fish with my thread. And finally, record if you can one of these bites, they will remain marked on your retina for life.

The fish are there

We forget many times that the best area where fish are found is the shore, for safety, for food and because it is the place where they began their oval stage until they become adults. It is an area that provides shelter, tranquility, always eat more safely and confidently. This has a simple explanation, it is an innate behavior.

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